“… and Sheed Award 2012 goes to; Abolfazl Nesaei for «Daddy Poured Acid»…”, Newsha Tavakolian (Secretary of Sheed Award 2012) announced during Sheed Award ceremony in Iranian Artists House. Azin Haghighi, Seyed Madyar Shojaiefar, Jalal Shams Azaran, Faranak Rezaie and Abolfazl Nesaei were nominated to receive Sheed Award 2012 by jury members votes. Patrick Witty Continue Reading


The 2012 Sheed Award is accepting entries. Sheed Award invites all documentary photographers worldwide to participate in the 3rd annual contest with stories about Iran. The final deadline for submissions is 4th January 2013 for the photo contest. Entries may only be submitted online via the Aksonline website (for Iranian photographers) or sheedaward@Gmail.com email address Continue Reading


The international jury has been announced for this year’s Sheed Award. Patrick Witty (international picture editor of TIME), Alfred Yaghobzadeh (photographer for the Agency SIPA PRESS), Mohsen Shandiz (photographer for the CORBIS), Behrouz Mehri (photographer for the AFP) and Abbas Kowsari (picture editor of SHARGHNewspaper) will judge Stories of the Sheed Award 2012. Sheed Award Continue Reading


Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian is chosen as the secretary of the Sheed Award 2012. The Sheed Award secretary each year selects the jury members and overviews most issues related to the competition. Newsha Tavakolian has been working as a photographer in the Iranian media since she was 16. In 2002 she started working internationally, covering Continue Reading

Sheed Award is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental photography award that goes to a social documentary photographer annually.

Aksonline website gives the award every year. Founded in 2010 the award is known for encourage and promote social documentary among Iranian photographers.

Award`s mission is to encourage high professional standards in photojournalism and social documantary photography to promote a free and unrestricted exchange of information.

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